MINE connects

fresh European research to practitioner reflection on the state and future of media industries. The network offers a forum for bringing industry practitioners, new and established scholars, and policy experts into a lively dialogue, supporting research, teaching, and creative practice by a number of activities crossing disciplinary and national borders. MINE puts a particular emphasis on industries, countries and regions which traditionally have been overlooked by the prevailing focus on industries in larger and Anglophone countries. It puts a spotlight on emergent and peripheral industries which are influenced by and dependent on stronger media centres and geopolitical powers. MINE fosters research on audiovisual media entertainment from a multidisciplinary perspective combining the humanities (film and media studies, cultural history, aesthetics) and the social sciences (economics, sociology, anthropology).

MINE's mission is to bring together scholars, media practitioners and policymakers to:
1. create a forum for the interdisciplinary and transnational study of European media industries;
2. promote innovative methods of critical empirical research into media practices;
3. offer innovative formats for publishing research and practitioner reflections;
4. foster cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue in media industries and creative labour;
5. reflect upon the effects of globalization on media production communities and careers.

The Founding Committee

Paul McDonald, Alejandro Pardo, Eva Novrup Redvall,
Petr Szczepanik, Patrick Vonderau

partner institutions

Department of Film Studies and Audiovisual Culture

Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Contact: Dr Petr Szczepanik
Associate Professor

Department of Media Studies

Stockholm University, Sweden

Contact: Dr Patrick Vonderau
Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer


Department of Film, TV & Digital Media

School of Communication, University of Navarra, Spain

Contact: Prof. Alex Pardo
Professor of Production for Film & TV

Department of Media, Cognition and Communication

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Film and Media Studies Section

Contact: Dr Eva Novrup Redvall
Assistant Professor


Recent Publications

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Department of Culture, Film and Media

University of Nottingham, UK

Contact: Prof. Paul McDonald
Professor of Creative Industries